Your "Foodprint"

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Did you know that agriculture is a major greenhouse gas emitter? 

Food is one of our most basic needs but it is very 
unfairly distributed among the world’s people. Some countries have too much food resulting in problems of obesity and overweight, while other countries have food shortages with people suffering from hunger, malnutrition and famine.  People do not go hungry because of a global shortage of food. There is enough produced in the world to feed everyone; so much food in fact that in richer countries a lot of food ends up in the bin! Hunger and malnutrition are instead a result of a lack of land to grow food or a shortage of money to buy it. 

We've searched the web and found the best study that explains what a "foodprint" means and why you should care! Please, take a look by clicking this link!

changes you can make right here on campus and in Willimantic!

  1. Urge the dining company on campus (Chartwells) to continue to buy local products, and more of them!
  2. While at Hurley, eat the local products! You'll know they're local when marked so.
  3. Shop at the Willimantic Co-Op on Valley Street (even better, become a member!)
  4. Only eat what you need at Hurley! Go up for seconds if you're still hungry but don't waste food!
  5. Drink organic and fair trade coffee at the Student Center, Library Cafe, and the Closet Cafe whenever possible!
  6. Carpool with your friends when you go grocery shopping
  7. Check out the local farmer markets and buy directly from the farmer (the best option!):
Willimantic Farmers Market <5 minutes away
Saturdays 8am-12pm
Pavilion near Frog Bridge (Jackson Street & Union Street)
Market Manager: Sarah Pappenheimer/ (860) 423-0533/
May 28-October 29

Coventry Farmers Market 15 minutes away
*Voted CT's BEST farmers market
Summer: June-October Sundays 11am-2pm
Nathan Hales Homestead, 2299 South Street, Coventry
Winter: November 20th - end of February Sundays 11am-2pm
Coventry High School (78 Ripley Hill Road, Coventry, CT)

Storrs Farmers Market 10 minutes away
Saturdays 3pm-5pm
Winter: Mansfield Public Library (54 Warrensville Road, Mansfield) Dec.10
th-April 28th
Summer:3pm-6pm in the Mansfield Town Hall parking lot (4 South Eaglesville Road, Mansfield) May 7
th-Nov. 19th
Market Manager: Brian O'Hara 860-423-4834 /

10 general changes you can make to your food choices to reduce your environmental foodprint:

  1. Eat less beef, pork, and lamb.
  2. Eat out at restaurants less often.
  3. Eat fewer dairy products.
  4. Drink fewer soft drinks.
  5. Eat seasonal and local fruits and vegetables.
  6. Eat fewer packaged snacks and junk food.
  7. Upgrade to an energy efficient refrigerator.
  8. Eat wild fish that are not endangered.
  9. Drink less bottled water.
  10. Walk to your local farmers market or grocery store.


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