Nick and Pat's Ride for Hunger

Monday, February 13, 2012

Going the distance to make a difference!
Eastern Connecticut State University seniors, Nick Fitzner and Patrick Scully are using their Spring Break week to certainly go the distance.  The Rugby co-captains are riding their bikes from Washington DC to Willimantic to raise $25,000 for the Covenant Soup Kitchen, the Greater Hartford Food Share, and the Connecticut Food Bank.

The boys were inspired by Coach Ray Aramini, who rode from California to Willimantic, and Canada to Willimantic to raise money to fight hunger in Connecticut. Nick and Patrick have been recreationally riding their bikes for years and decided to give up driving their cars. While they had been riding everyday they decided to ride for a cause and raise some money. Being captains and active members of the ECSU Rugby team, they had volunteered at Covenant Soup Kitchen before and became inspired to raise money for the cause.

Nick and Patrick have been fiercely preparing for their journey. They are riding their bikes every day, mapping out their route, and figuring out logistics. Their planned route includes riding about one hundred miles every day during their weeklong expedition. They don’t plan on sightseeing too much; despite this being Nick’s first time going to DC. “We’re excited about seeing the things you don’t plan on seeing. Some of the coolest sightseeing is the stuff you don’t expect to see”.
The boys are also prepared for some struggle on the trip. They foresee weather as being their biggest hardship. “March is a tough month to predict how the weather will be. One day could be sunny and 70, the next it could be snowing”. Nick and Patrick also realize the physical pain will play into their routine. The boys explained that when riding a bike for long periods of time, your hands and feet are the first things to go numb. Despite all these obstacles there is nothing stopping them from achieving their goals!
Nick and Patrick have learned a lot just through their preparation stages. They have seen a large willingness from friends, family, and community members to give back and they are thrilled by it. Seeing a need for any help at all, they realized how important it is to give back, “even if its $500 that we raise, at least its $500 more than these organizations had before”. They also want to encourage fellow Rugby teammates and University students to continue to bridge the gap between the Willimantic community and Eastern.

As of now, Patrick and Nick are busily getting ready for their admirable expedition. The boys are raising money and taking donations.

For more information check out and donate to their website or their Facebook page Nick and Pat’s Ride for Hunger.

Nick Fitzner (21, Economics Major, Glastonbury)
Patrick Scully (21, History and Social Sciences Major, Farmington)


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