Student Spotlight: Megan Sargent

Friday, February 3, 2012

Megan Sargent, a freshman at Eastern Connecticut State University is a student with a very driven attitude. Megan has dreams about becoming a second grade teacher for an inner city elementary school. How has she been fueling her resume? Volunteering at the Center for Community Engagement!

Megan first began volunteering with the CCE last semester. She knew she wanted to volunteer, and after hearing about the CCE through orientation, she decided to seek out more information. Megan learned about the CCE's role in after school programs with the North Windham school systems. She eagerly signed up to work with the elementary aged children. As a native to Manchester, CT, Megan had already gained some experience with working with children. During the summers Megan works with the Manchester Parks and Recreation at Camp Mahoney, which specializes in care for elementary aged students. Being back in a classroom full of kids was exactly what Megan wanted.

Beginning her time at the school, Megan was a little hesitant. She knew that the Windham community was one that was in need, but she was excited about embarking on a journey that was outside of her normal realm. Before she went to the school Megan learned that it was among the top schools in need of aid for school lunches. She also learned about the language barriers. "I was nervous at first going into the school because of the differences from my hometown, but the language barriers were easy to bridge, and the kids were really excited to see me so it became easier."

Megan has really enjoyed her time volunteering with the school systems because she knows she will be able to apply her newfound knowledge to her career goals in the future. Working with this age group and demographic, she has really been able to pinpoint where she would like to teach.

Megan offers advice for anyone going to volunteer for the first time: "go into it with an open mind and try to think of ways that you can contribute without being told, and just have fun!"


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