12 Reasons Why People Who Volunteer are Happier

Thursday, February 14, 2013

It’s been said that people who volunteer are happier but have you ever wondered why? The students of Eastern Connecticut State University’s Center for Community Engagement have their own opinions on the subject…
1.       It gives meaning to life.
                                 i.            Volunteering and giving back make your life more meaningful. The feeling you get when you volunteer is something you can’t get from many other things in life.
2.       Unique Opportunities and Experiences.
                                 i.            Volunteering can offer you experiences you otherwise wouldn’t have had. Those experiences can be memories that stick with you forever.
3.       Personal Growth.
                                 i.            Volunteering makes you feel good, and become a better person.
4.       Sense of Accomplishment.
                                 i.            When you volunteer you feel like you’ve done something important. The look on the faces of those you have helped makes you feel like you’ve made a difference.
5.       Learn new things.
                                 i.            Do you know how to build a house? Ask those involved in Habitat for Humanity, by volunteering you can do things you never thought you could.
6.       Meet new people / Network.
                                 i.            Volunteering opens you up to a whole community of people. You may meet a new friend, significant other, future employer, or reference for your new job.
7.       To have fun!
                                 i.            Volunteering isn’t all bland! Mentoring a child by simply spending time and playing with them is not only rewarding but fun!
8.       To find your passion.
                                 i.            You could be extremely passionate about something and just not know because you’ve never tried it. Volunteering offers opportunities to try new things and maybe find a new passion.
9.       Reduces Stress.
                                 i.            Volunteering gets your mind off your daily stresses and lets you focus on something pleasant.
10.   Builds Confidence.
                                 i.            By getting out there and not only interacting with a variety of people but doing something that makes you feel good about yourself, your confidence is bound to be boosted.
11.   Makes your Community a Better Place.
                                 i.            Everyone wants to live somewhere they are proud of. By helping out in your community you are only making it a better place to live for yourself and your friends and family.
12.   It Feels Good!!
                                 i.            Volunteering feels good! Knowing you did something to help someone else will never bring you down, it can only bring you up!


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