Law and Government Academy Inspires!

Monday, April 9, 2012

“I may not change the world, but let me inspire someone who can”
                The Law and Government Academy of Hartford High School has been working towards inspiring Hartford High School students to change their world. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 13.3% of Hartford’s residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Graduates of LGA (and others) that now attend Eastern decided to take action and encourage and inspire Hartford High students to not fall into the majority.
                Eastern students attended Hartford High School to speak on a panel with the sophomore, junior, and senior classes to answer questions and tell the students the benefits of attending college, whether it be at the community college or university level. Many of the LGA students were Hartford High graduates themselves and knew that there would be a need for a mentor for these students. Hartford High School alumni, Gina Martinez stated, “My role as far as I’m concerned is to serve as a mentor in helping guide the students down the  right path as well as address any questions or concerns they may have regarding college.”
                Former LGA senior Class President and one of the founders of the mentoring program, Kayla J. Bynum, explained that “There are people out there who assume that the majority of Hartford students will never graduate high school and go off to college”, she goes onto say, “I truly do want to see these students succeed. They are all intelligent, gifted, free-spirited students, who with the right guidance and motivation WILL succeed”. With the work of these Eastern students and the drive of the Hartford High students, there seems to be nothing stopping them.
                The LGA mentoring group has been doing an outstanding job helping and mentoring these students. There is so much that Eastern students can accomplish- and when they help others to accomplish their dreams, there is no stopping them!


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