CCE Service Expo & Awards

Monday, April 23, 2012

This past week was a wonderful one for the Center for Community Engagement volunteers! The third annual Service Expo and Awards occurred last Thursday from 2-5pm in the Betty Tipton Room in the Student Center.
                Different groups representing their particular service categories displayed tri-fold boards for judges and fellow volunteers. Different awards were being given to students demonstrating: going green, broadening horizons, leadership development, effective communication, best new program, and strengthening communities. Each group of volunteers were ranked and scored on their particular project, their effectiveness on creating awareness, and their influence on Eastern and the Willimantic community, among many other things. Each volunteer group created fantastic presentations on their services and it was really tough for the judges to only select one winner for each group.
                Among the students that were honored, faculty and staff that have given much to the Eastern and Willimantic communities were applauded for their efforts. There is no doubting that a small group of people can have an outstanding effect on a community.
                Congratulations to all of the winners, and all of the volunteers that offered their dedication during the school year!
Going Green: Willimantic Wildlife Habitat (Sarah Lion-Egan and Heather Lepper)
Effective Communication: Best Buddies "Spread the Word o End the Word"
Leadership Development: College 411 a Hartford High School (Todd Aviles and Kayla Bynum)
Best New Program: Windham Center After School Program (Max Goto) and the Food Justice Committee
Broadening Horizons: PHP Pen Pals Program
Strengthening Communities: The Sisterhood Project


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