More Than A Dress

Thursday, April 11, 2013

   The day every girl dreams of (second to their wedding) is their prom. They wonder how they will be asked, who they will go with and of course, what they will wear. I truly believe the confidence a girl has will either make or break her night. An outfit a girl feels proud to wear can add to her confidence. The unfortunate truth, though, is that some girls can't afford the dress of their dreams, and some cannot afford a dress at all.

         This is an issue I am extremely passionate about. In high school each Senior was required to choose a mentor and complete a project of their choice. The goal of the project was to do something you have never done before, and for me, organizing a volunteer project was a completely new experience. With the help of my Principle who was my mentor for the project and a fashionista herself, I had girls from the entire school drop dresses off to the front desk in the office and slowly started to create a "Prom Closet".

          Once the closet was nearly full I put reminders on the morning announcements that I would be sitting at the closet during my lunch and after school so girls could come in "just to look" or to find a dress. It was a great feeling to see girls try on that perfect dress that just happened to fit like a glove with no needed alterations. I know my small act of kindness impacted these girlslives and everytime they see those dresses hanging in their closet they will remember the time they danced the night away at prom and had the time of their lives.

        The most rewarding part of this project was when, my mother and I, years later, were eating dinner at a local restaurant when one of my high school teachers approached our table and informed us that she and another teacher kept the closet going after I graduated. It felt great to know I left this legacy at my high school and created a project that girls will continue to benefit from for years on end.

      If you'd like to donate your old dress and you're in the CT area contact to find out how. If you are not in the CT there are dozens of organizations such as and among many others.

       And think about how you can create a legacy here at Eastern. If you are passionate about supporting your community, contact the CCE at to see how you can get involved.


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