1st FJC Meeting Wrap Up

Monday, January 23, 2012

Meeting Notes
Thank you to those that attended the first Food Justice Committee meeting! We went over:
  • - Why we’re here
  • -   Goals of the committee
  • -   How the committee will work
  • -   4H After School Program

Some of the food justice interest of those who were able to attend were: GMOs, food politics, nutrition, the industry, appreciation of food, farming, hunger & access locally, volunteering, youth.

We’re going to have a discussion at our weekly meetings on these topics. We’ll all share in taking on a leading a discussion based on our interest where we can share what we have read/watched/heard and have a discussion as a group about the information and how we can address that particular in Willimantic. From that, we can plan our events. This is no pressure or formality required whatsoever!

Next Meeting
Our next meeting is Monday, January 30th at 1pm again in the CCE. Becky is going to investigate information on the local status of the population and food security. We will discuss her findings next week. Feel free to search around too and if you find anything, bring it to next week’s meeting.

Whitney brought up some interesting ideas after the meeting in regards to food waste, dumpster diving, and Chartwells. We’ll get into that too!

4H After School Program
This Thursday we will be starting a Food & Nutrition After School Program at Windham Middle School. Thank you to those who expressed interest in helping with this initiative. We will be working with 11 middle schoolers on Thursdays from 4pm-5pm. We will plan and put on a basic curriculum on how plants grow (i.e. lessons on soil, sunlight, water, parts of a plant, etc) and healthy eating (i.e. “my plate”, reading food labels, etc). Starting in March, we will go to Sweeney Elementary School on Fridays and work with the Middle Schoolers to enable them to teach the younger kids the same lessons! Should be a lot of fun J If you would like to as volunteer as well, please let me know ASAP.

Courtesy of Dr. Curran:
http://farmlandgrab.org. Good source of international data and current research.
http://www.fao.org. The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization. Excellent general and country-specific information and current research. Good for globalization data.
http://www.usda.gov. US Department of Agriculture.  Good source for food recalls (agency archives goes back to 1996), food research, rural community data, food security and nutrition data, info on WIC and child nutrition.
www.epa.gov. US Environmental Protection Agency. Info on environmental regulation of agricultural chemicals, on agriculture-related contamination, pesticides, climate change, and sustainability.
www.fda.gov. Food and Drug Administration. Good info on food safety and recalls, regulatory science, and globalization.
www.ufw.org. United Farm Workers site. Great data on US farm labor practices, current research, pesticide data, good video lab too.
www.un.org. The UN site where there’s additional data under the headings of development, human rights, and the World Food Programme.
www.worldbank.org. The World Bank site where you can search specific projects related to food production and get data on world hunger.
www.imf.org. International Monetary Fund. Another good source for country-specific data.

Books: Diet for a Dead Planet, Banana, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, The Compassionate Carnivore, and Fashionable Foodn Fast Food Nation, The Death of Ramon Garcia, Food Politics, What to Eat.

Have a great week and I hope to see you at our next meeting, Monday January  30th at 1pm in the CCE!


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