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Thursday, November 3, 2011

If you haven't checked out we recommend you do so! is one of the largest organizations in the U.S. that helps young people rock causes they care about.   What is something you care about?

They have some pretty cool job openings.  The most unique job title I have even seen is the The Head of Fun (that’s right, the head of fun!). This person is responsible for maintaining’s super awesome culture and making sure everyone on staff is happy, productive and always growing and learning

I absolutely love the rules below. Wouldn't you want to work at a place that values YOUNG PEOPLE like yourself?

Rules we live by:
  1. Believe in young people. Young people can lead today. We don’t require old people.
  2. Trust young people. We provide reliable, easy to access information and activation strategies, but young people decide for themselves what to do.
  3. Celebrate young people. We think all measurable contributions from young people are valuable.
  4. Listen to young people. We must always respect their varied abilities and time constraints.
  5. Value young people. Our programs and products are free. We’re not after young people’s money; we want their passion, time, and creativity.


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