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Monday, October 3, 2011

Billings-Forge is offering internships for next semester!

First, what is Billings-Forge?

Billings Forge Community Works is a non-profit organization in the Frog Hollow neighborhood of Hartford that replaces disinvestment with investment, offers education and training, and creates a shared sense of mission that underscores the belief that a good place to live goes beyond simply four walls and a roof – it also requires a strong, vibrant, and authentic community. Specific goals of BFCW include:
  • fighting homelessness by improving housing opportunities for families and individuals in the Frog Hollow community,
  • encouraging economic growth through business and enterprise development in the neighborhood surrounding the Billings Forge complex,
  • the creation of job training, educational advancement, and employment opportunities for Frog Hollow residents,
  • strengthening family health and vitality through education, counsel, and access to services,
  • encouraging self help, civic engagement, and participation in every level of our community, and
  • supporting a climate that values diversity, rewards independence, nourishes creativity, and brings all of us together.
They are offering internships for two different time slots: January 16-March 25 and April 2-May 25. This internship is located at Billings-Forge in Hartford and involves working with children in an afterschool program. These children, in grades 5 through 8, come primarily from the Burns School, which focuses on latino studies and is right around the corner from Billings-Forge. The after school program includes different activities including academics, art and gardening, among other things. As an intern, you would be helping out with the after school program during the week. Billings-Forge is flexible about the internship position and is willing to allow an intern to put their own spin on the opportunity!

If you are interested in this position, please click the links below to learn more about Billings-Forge, and then contact Brit Cava at !

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